The Revolution in P.A.S.S. Technology

The advanced P.A.S.S.

Virgo is a P.A.S.S. (Personal Alert Safety System), i.e. a personal safety device, designed to connect each operator to the team and to guarantee the highest level of protection during all the operational stages.

Its advanced sensors and its optional accessories allow Virgo to constantly monitor the carbon monoxide (CO) values in the air, the ambient temperature and the next-to-skin temperature of the operator.

In case of danger Virgo alerts both the team and the Operations Centre guaranteeing fast and efficient rescue operations.

The alarm system

When the pre-set thresholds are exceeded, Virgo triggers an alarm through the embedded buzz while the external LED and the backlit display will be activated to notify the danger.

Bluetooth® connectivity to the radios or to mobile phones will enable the exchange of information with the Operations Centre. The alarm triggered is therefore sent both to all Virgo devices of the team and to the Operations Centre.

Thanks to the advanced radio communication protocols, Virgo devices can communicate with each other during the most complex interventions such as those performed inside buildings or in non RF-covered areas.

Man immobility

The embedded accelerometer detects the position of the device and, thanks to its algorithm, detects the immobility of the operator depending on various factors (fainting, trauma, intoxication, etc.).

Man alone

The embedded RF transmission system allows to detect other Virgo devices close-by. If no device is detected within a safe distance, the system triggers an alarm to signal the absence of one team member.

Physical and environmental parameters

Virgo sends an alarm when the vital and environmental parameters are outside the safety limits: excess of CO, ambient temperature or next-to-skin temperature.

To see

Virgo is the first P.A.S.S. device equipped with a graphic display, which allows the immediate communication of the physical and environmental parameters and the messages sent by the Operations Centre. All alarms are displayed on the screen, and moreover the red backlit immediately draws the attention of the operator in case of notification or detection of irregular parameters.

The display constantly shows the values of carbon monoxide, ambient temperature, next-to-skin temperature, battery level and the connection status. The temperatures can be set both in Celsius (°C) and in Fahrenheit (°F) degrees.

more than
just add-ons

Emergency light module

Fixed on the operator’s shoulder, blinks so to help rescue teams to find the operator.

Next-to-skin temperature module

Placed inside the operative clothing, it always detects the perceived temperature.

Wellysis S-Patch Ex

Detects the cardiac parameters of the operator during the mission to provide a complete post-action analysis.

Monitoring and control

ViM management platform

Virgo is equipped with ViM (Virgo Management), a platform for the central management. The control panel allows to allocate the devices, to manage the users and teams, to download data from the black box and to set all alarm thresholds.

When connected to last generation radio transmission devices, the system allows to send text messages, to monitor in real time the body parameters, of the environment and of the position on the map, both from the Operations Centre and from the mobile control platform.

Training and post-accident analysis

Virgo is equipped with an integrated flash memory for recording all activities completed with data and time. The data are automatically stored inside the device, thus allowing a complete post-emergency analysis for training and/or investigation purposes.

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