Connected Operational Device


Mission-critical solution

CODe is the operative platform designed for the law enforcement agencies. It can be implemented on a wide range of Android-based devices including smartphones, tablets and on the innovative dual-mode TETRA/LTE radios.

The system allows data exchange in real time between the operators on the field and the Control Room including localisation of the agents, encrypted communications and the upload of images and videos live streaming.


Digital opportunities

Thanks to CODe the officer is able to access all national and international databases directly from his hand. The system makes every single officer more autonomous simplifying and upgrading all the process which adversely affect his efficiency.

Modules and features

Communication with the Control Room

CODe is highly focused on data exchange and is constantly connected to the Control Room. Control Room operators are always informed on officer’s safety and operative issues.

Through the device it is possible to send a real time alarm in an instinctive way to the Control Room also starting a video/audio live streaming as well.

The function allows sending an alarm in real time to the Control Room, including the user’s position and starting a live streaming from CODe or from external cameras.

The messaging module allows the exchange of chat-style communications between the Control Room and the device. Messages can be of different type and include multimedia files and target destinations.

The module guarantees the correct transfer of data to and from the Control Room, and to confirm if the information has actually been sent and received. The encryption algorithm ensures the data security.

CODe interfaces with the geolocation system embedded in the device and allows the constant detection from the Control Room.

The module allows the operator both to acquire images and videos, and to send the geolocalised live streaming to the Control Room. The streaming can be activated by the operator and by the Control Room, as well as by automatic triggers.

This module manages all the multimedia files and allows sending to the Control Room geo-referenced information with additional metadata, such as the event type, for the related researches.

Modules and features

Proactive policing

It’s just a device but it can be much more. The officer on the street can receive his operational routine directly on the device. Once on the target, CODe is able to automatically recognise vehicles plates, both trough the device’s camera or automotive cameras, and query both national and international databases. The agent can also create tickets in a fast and semi-automatic way.

Direct communications take place not only between devices and Control Room, but also, from device to all the other devices on the territory allowing data exchange, communications, images and videos streaming. Devices can also access to the fixed video-surveillance cameras.

CODe can be connected to body cameras in order to have an always-on eye on the field in case of danger.

The module allows, with a single sign on, to access all the databases required, allowing to check documents, number plates and chassis, providing an aggregate report of all the results in real time.

The mobile video surveillance module allows the operators to access from the device, to the images sent by the fixed video surveillance cameras on the territory.

The automatic number plate detection module (A.N.P.R.) allows, by accessing to databases, to verify any vehicle irregularity in real time.

Localization on the device of the other team members based on their position and/or group. The operators can exchange information and images, start the streaming module directly from another device and send the alarm to the other team members.

The ticketing module allows drawing up a fine report faster than with the traditional system, thanks to the semi-automatic issuing of the fine notice. The module can be integrated with the existing administrative ticketing management systems.

Thanks to the multimedia information received from the territory, the Operations Centre draws up a map of geolocated events for the correct team allocation. Reports and statistics can be issued to integrate the device with smart systems.

The module allows the Control Room to draw up a list of daily activities given to the operator and to send them in real time to the device. The system automatically issues a report, together with the metadata and geolocation, for each event.

Management and security

Management modules allow the correct operation of the system and its continuous update.

The communication module is the heart of the client solution and allows the integration, as well as the communication of all the installed modules. The encryption protocol and the proprietary M.D.M. guarantee the solution security.

CODe receives over the air updates for each module, in order to reduce time and data transfer.


The automation of the system is granting less paperwork and a high increase of productivity resulting in a reduction of cost allowing at the same time more hours on the streets and less time per search increasing the positive sentiment of the citizens towards the operators.

The automatic dispatching solution is completed by an automatic daily report creation module. The officer can create his report with the use of the tablet and can add vocal notes (to be used in speech to text notes) and add automatic signature.

All devices are fully integrated with the Control Room in order to create real time communication and reduce decision time. CODe can access a wide range of database simultaneously granting an immediate aggregated answer in few seconds to the officer.

CODe is compatible with several external accessories able to extend its capabilities and features. It can be integrated with electronic IDs readers, external cameras, sensors integrated in the weapons and much more.

The first solution with IoT systems integration on the market.

The digitalisation of procedures and documents grants a higher security of data, both on physical (protection against fire, paper deterioration) and personnel level (only authorised personnel can access specific documents). The solution is also eco-friendly.

A modular ecosystem

Accessories and integrations

CODe is integrated with a wide range of accessories able to maximise personnel productivity and to extend its capabilities and functionalities.

H.0 and i-Protect

The two systems, composed of sensors embedded both in the holster and in the weapon, send information about the weapon status. H.0 allows sending the status of gun in the holster, while I-Protect, developed in cooperation with Fabbrica d’Armi Pietro Beretta, allows additional information such as: hammer cocked, shot, and shot counter. If connected to CODe, the solutions can send this information to the Control Room, therefore alarming it and activating the video streaming live.

G-CODe & BioFad

These two solutions, composed of a physical reader connected to the device via BLE, allow to automatically read and validate documents (passports, I.D., driving licenses), whether electronic or paper. The connection with CODe allows the fast access to all databases to check any irregularity.

Rugged Cover

Rugged covers grant maximum protection for devices against falls, rigs and normal usage signs.

Available for all model of tablets and smartphones.


The Smart button is a Bluetooth tactical solution. Totally customizable, it can send to the Control Room an alarm, its position, the live streaming or activate a customized function based on the operational needs.

Bodycam & helmetcam

CODe interfaces with various models of bodycam and helmetcam with night vision and IR, sending the live streaming in real time to the Control Room and saving the high-resolution video in the internal storage. The recorded video can be downloaded on the server following security the settings required from the customer.

Portable printer

Small and light, this portable printer is the ideal for police forces which, once filled the ticket on CODe can rapidly print and leave it on the vehicle.

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