Multifunctional Control Room
Mission-critical control room

The evolution in operations management

Intellikore is the control room platform for monitoring, controlling and managing Intellitronika’s solutions and systems, such as CODe, Nora and Virgo.

The solution, born from the joint analysis of the current operational context and of the growing market needs, meets in a transversal way to all user’s requirements and manages in an integrated manner all the connected systems and devices.

The control room gives importance to information and manages it consistently, by providing the operators with additional data.


An overall solution

Intellikore is a complete solution based on web architecture and compatible with the most common browsers available on the market (IE, Chrome and Firefox). This feature allows reaching the interface from any workstation, either fixed or mobile, without the need of a dedicated hardware or software.

Modules and features

Adaptable to all systems

Intellikore is an agile and modular solution, designed to be integrated with all systems of an organization, in order to save the implementation time. The customizable interface allows the solution to be adapted to the systems already in use, therefore granting visual and usability consistency.

Communication and data exchange

Thanks to the geo-localization, the system can detect in real time the position of all devices and can display it on a map with icons that can be customised according to the different operational status. The control room is compatible with the major cartographic systems and it can be also integrated with the organization’s own cartographic systems.

The module manages on the field all multimedia files sent by the device. The module gets and stores the video/audio streams, warns the operators about an ongoing streaming and manages the galleries by indexing them for each device.

This component allows managing and customizing the alarm features, displaying specific alerts to ensure they are immediately managed by the operators.

This feature manages inbound/outbound text communications between all the network nodes by sending and receiving pre-set or free text messages and by sending geo-referenced text messages together with the automatic setting of the satnav to reach the destination where an intervention is needed.

Security and management

This module allows the system administrators to set the authorization levels for each function, thus minimizing the possibility of unproper access to sensitive information. The system guarantees the total scalability and security of access not only to the functions but also to the stored data.

It allows the overall remote management of the devices on the field, enabling also the environmental listening and the live streaming from the device to the control room.

The system management module allows managing all the devices on the field directly from the Control Room, allowing the verification and authentication of the systems, the enabling/disabling of a device, as well as the installation of updates and/or of other modules.

Proactive policing

Advanced operations

Thanks to a specific proprietary encrypted communication protocol, Intellikore allows both the direct access and management of the most used databases, and the creation of other databases in the control room (ghost database). This solution allows the operator to access, query and aggregate data in an immediate and easy-to-use way, in order to minimize the waiting time for querying and displaying information.

This module allows receiving and managing the reports forwarded by the mobile devices, even by integrating them with the software already used.

This module stores and chronologically displays the information coming from all the mobile devices such as: location and time, videos, photos, messages and controls.

This feature allows managing and displaying all geo-referenced events on a cartographic raster, creating a statistic map of the potentially dangerous areas and thus allowing to organize appropriate interventions as well as to track their evolution.

Thanks to this module Intellikore can manage fixed video surveillance systems and video streaming in real time. This module also allows redirecting the video streaming to mobile devices. This module also allows redirecting the video streaming to mobile devices.

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