Advanced Media Evidence Management
Advanced media evidence management

Build for the professionals

iBWC is the first Italian video management system, developed by keeping in mind the most extensive legal requirements in the European Union.

Already in use with the Italian Polizia di Stato the solution is fully compliant with the GDPR regulation and above.

The pillars on which any video management systems should be based upon are that sensitive data are safe and protected, access should be granted only via a scalable permission structure. This is what iBWC is all about, makes it easier to manage video footage, user accreditation and permission and the constantly growing body worn camera fleet, in a secure environment.

Designed for humans

For easy operations

iBWC is a robust and flexible digital software that can manage the video assets, photos, and audio files. A user, with proper rights and privileges, will be able to tag, view and verify the integrity of the asset, generate a report, and automatically purge the files based on the department’s retention policies, all of the above and more having all the logs registered and saved for maximum security.

The power of the solution is the unique combination of the hardware and software granting each and every single station to be connected to the main HQ for video downloading and storage.

Complete ecosystem

Always ready for action

Intellitronika, is able to provide the full line of products, from the BWCs to their racks, from the main unit to the downloadable software to manage the local station as a unique part of a growing ecosystem.

The solution is available both on-prem and as a cloud-based solution allowing each organization, regardless from its size, to have the most cost effective and efficient solution available on the market.

The UI has been designed in order to be intuitive, easy to use, immediate to understand during the training stage and, needless to say, stylish.

Complete ecosystem

Safe and open

iBWC is here to help the professional user to focus on his work, let us help you in taking care of the daily routines saving time by automating all the processes.

Trust our encryption protocol which follows the user’s work from the Body Worn Camera to every single system log, by providing the highest safety and traceability to all the videos uploaded.

iBWC is open to most of third parties’ cameras allowing the different organizations to save costs, by guaranteeing total flexibility.


All logs are tracked. Every user action performed on iBWC is recorded, stored and sent in real time to the supervisor for immediate acknowledgement.

Intellitronika Secure Authentication process, protects against unauthorised user access and the encrypted BWC solution stops unauthorised devices connecting to iBWC.

iBWC allows each department to dictate what evidence can be viewed by each user. Groups and Organizations are
configured to align with the policies of each department, the solution is fully customizable.

The administrator can swap functionality to react in real time to issues and tentative breach in chain of custody.

iBWC keeps in mind the complexity of the user’s work, so the main feature is its easiness and the immediate UI which requires no training and can be used from day one.

The solution is fully compatible with the existing IT infrastructure so to be immediately deployable and integrated by just one click.

The iBWC cloud-based solution is provided with all licenced features built-in and automatically renewed, as well as with the full Software Maintenance.

No need to manually update licences or device software. Be always up to date, and in line with current GDPR regulations.

iBWC is part of the Intellitronika ecosystem and, as such, it is fully integrated.

The solution can be imported into the platform and grants a secure video management environment both for live streaming videos coming from any CODe cameras and for videos downloaded at the end of each shift.

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