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Advanced Digital Evidence Management

ultimate evidence management solution

iBwc is the Digital Evidence Management Software (DEMS) which empowers law enforcement agencies and organizations with unparalleled capabilities for digital evidence storage, organization and retrieval, ensuring integrity and accessibility.

use cases

Law enforcement

Private security

Prisons’ personnel

Healthcare workers

Main features

fully-digital evidence management flow

From device assignment to automatic file downloads and the creation of a golden copy for legal purposes, iBwc offers a comprehensive solution that effectively manages the entire lifecycle of digital evidence.

Media management

Comprehensive control over all media files (including video, audio, and photos) along with complete management of their metadata and retention policies.

Files integrity

File integrity is ensured through the use of hashing and the application of location and timestamp on the files.

iBwc - Digital Evidence Management Software

Main features

tailored for organizations of any size

iBwc is crafted to fulfill the needs of organizations of all sizes and types. Whether it’s a nationwide law enforcement agency or a small, private security company, iBwc is the ideal DEMS you can rely on.

Dynamic watermark

The iBwc Player incorporates a dynamic watermark that displays the ID of the currently logged-in user on the video to deter unauthorized video recording.

Military-grade encryption

All the data are encrypted since the recording from the bodycams. Files can only be viewed using the iBwc Player.

Users management

iBwc features advanced user roles and permissions to ensure that users are only granted the access they need.

Cloud or on premise

iBwc comes as cloud solution, ready for deployment, or can be set up on-premise to meet the needs of complex organizations.

Logged operations

System and user operations are tracked and logged for complete traceability.

The advantages

swift, cost-effective and secure DEMS

iBwc - Digital Evidence Management Software

Deterrence potential

The utilization of body-worn cameras proves highly effective in mitigating aggressions against personnel, fostering a safer and more secure environment.

The value of data

Unleashes the potential of metadata, enabling comprehensive insights and strategic decision-making.

Digital collaboration

Smooth and secure evidence management flows between the organization and the involved parties.

Reduction of waste

The complete digital management flow significantly cuts costs and paperwork, streamlining processes efficiently.


enhanced capabilities

Improve iBwc capabilities to an even greater extent with a comprehensive set of accessories and software enhancements.

iBwc mediaTotem

The iBwc mediaTotem provides secure storage for bodycams, ensuring access exclusively for authorized personnel, and automates the downloading of all files for enhanced efficiency and data integrity.

iBwc mediaTotem

Muv 4G stands as our cutting-edge body-worn camera, built on the Android™ platform. With top-notch recording capabilities, live streaming to the command center, and seamless Push-to-Talk (PTT) communication, it stands as the singular device essential for personnel on the streets, consolidating multiple functionalities for enhanced operational efficiency.

Intellikore Control Room

The integration with the Intellikore Control Room provides automatic syncronization of events between the platforms as well as unified evidece gallery.

Intellikore Control Room

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