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Our experience,
at the service of the community

We were born in 2010 and we immediately achieved significant results in data management on the move, geolocation of men and vehicles, territory control, therefore reaching very high specialization levels over the years.

We work in the situation management sector, designing and implementing solutions for emergency professionals and for the business world. We merge in our DNA the fact that we are an ICT company strongly focused on solutions for the community, and the skills of a software house creating complex IoT solutions.

Our philosophy

Meaningful innovation

We believe in a future where technology is linked to people’s potential. Where it is not considered as an alternative to the man, but as a tool to extend his skills. We do this every day: by designing and developing systems that merge technology with people; by working side-to-side with our partners and our customers; by creating innovative products. To bring the future everyday closer.

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An ITK Group Company

Designing the tomorrow, together

We are part of the ITK Group, that has been operating in the innovation sector for over 30 years, developing solutions for the main public institutions and private groups. The ITK Group and Intellitronika can boast a global network of partners, collaborators and customers that is our point of strength today and that gives us stability and a future vision that few companies can have.

Our values

We face every challenge with conviction, commitment and initiative. We pursue our goals by working hard and by positively addressing every obstacle on our path.

We carry out our ideas forward with confidence, despite any obstacles and fears. We invest energy and resources in our projects, by winning the fear of failing so to make possible what seems impossible.

We try to see beyond the current context. We anticipate future scenarios and the path we want to take, by identifying innovative and effective proposals.

We constantly look at the future. We seek innovation by simplifying complex things, by finding out methods and processes which can make our work easier and therefore allow us to develop solutions that represent a step forward for our stakeholders.

Everyone of us feels responsible and takes active part in the success of our project, and gives his personal contribution to it. We believe in each other, our relationships are based on trust, honesty and transparency, we work in full respect of people, ethics and corporate guidelines.

Our partners

Beyond our horizons

We are supported by a wide network of partners, both at local and global level, which allows us to work with the most modern and innovative technologies. Thanks to this network, we can offer to our customers the most complex and most advanced solutions of the market.

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All our solutions and products comply with the highest quality and safety standards suitable to the projects we develop.

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