Intellikore is the platform of Intellitronika’s Control Room, which allows the control and management of the different solutions used in the various application areas, such as O.D.I.N.O and Virgo.

Intellikore, created from the joint analysis of the current operational contexts and growing market needs, responds in a transversal way to all user requirements and manages the connected mobile devices in a uniform way.

The Control Room gives importance to the information and manages it consistently, by providing the operators with additional data.

Intellikore is a complete solution based on web architecture and compatible with the most common browsers available on the market (IE, Chrome and Firefox). This feature allows reaching the interface from any workstation, either fixed or mobile, without need to install any application.

Intellikore is an agile and modular solution, already designed to be integrated with the systems used by the customers, in order to minimize the activation time. It can be also customized in order to keep the same usability and the graphic interface of the previous solutions.