The continuous technological evolution of mobile devices and their increasing popularity in the world of professional security has resulted in the need to converge towards a unique control platform, that can manage and control various devices used with different applications.

IntelliKore Control Room was created from the analysis of  the current operational environments and of the growing needs of the market.

Intellikore can transversally respond to all users’ requirements and homogeneously manage the mobile devices connected to it.

Intellikore provides the centralized management of information, enabling a fast and univocal control system  and a greater intelligibility of the data received; all this with an innovative and easy-to-use layout.

IntelliKore is a complete solution, based on a web architecture compatible with the major browsers available on the market (Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox).

This feature makes the interface accessible from any location, both fixed and mobile, without any installation of external plug-ins.

The solution is based on basic features which can be customized on the customers’ needs (control of the territory, civil protection, health); the modular architecture provides for maximum flexibility and adaptability to different contexts of use, without affecting the operational capabilities.

Intellitronika’s solution guarantees the following functions:

Direct, modular and scalable function with a range of parameters that can be set by the administrator. IntelliKore allows the administrator to customize the permission level for each single function, by reducing the possibility of inappropriate access to sensitive information
IntelliKore allows the control and authentication of the devices controlled by the Operating Room; it allows enabling/ disabling a device, the remote upgrading of software applications, and installing new Apps.
The localization module can get the positions of all the devices in all time and display them on a map, with customizable icons which indicate the operating status.
IntelliKore can manage video/audio and photos sent by each device; live acquisition (near real time) of videos/audios from other devices, with contextual storage of the real-time audios/videos received; reporting in real time of a live event to the operators and management of indexed galleries for each device.
Complete remote control of the device with additional functions for enabling the environmental audio and the remote  camera .
Customizable alarm management, developed for the specific devices, displaying unique alerts to ensure the immediate and correct management by the operators
Direct access, active and passive management of the most widely used databases and possibility of creating ghost databases within the operation center and the devices, thanks to the use of an encrypted and compressed communication protocol by Intellitronika between mobile devices and the Operation Center.
Bidirectional management of messages (IM) between all network nodes (Control Room and mobile devices). Standard pre-configured or free text messages through the back end of the operating room. Messages to devices are exchanged with geo-referenced and automatic setting of the navigation chart for reaching the operational targets.
Reception and management of violation reports sent from mobile devices; possibility of integrating this module to the existing management systems for reports
Module for the management and displaying of geo-located events on a cartographic raster; it allows to display any potentially dangerous geographic points in the area (illegal dumping, drug dealing location, urban decay, etc.), and to organize the related interventions or to trace their evolution in time.
Storage and displaying of mobile devices and related information: position, time, videos, messages, photos, investigations.
Fixed locations management module (i.e. cameras) with geo-localization of the controlled areas; possibility to access in real time to videos from these locations.
This function allows sharing patients’ information and vital signs entered by the ER team connected to the equipment onboard when they are transported to the healthcare facility
It allows knowing the patient’s symptoms while he is transported to the healthcare facility.
IntelliKore allows customizing the display according to the operational status and the functions of the devices which are present on the territory.