Telecom Italia

GAW – Management furniture WEB

Developed upon request of Telecom Italia SpA, it allows the complete management of furniture for all premises throughout the country.

The warehouse inventory can be easily performed by last generation handhelds devices and, with the aid of a Buetooth barcode printer, is allows a quick analysis of the stock.

Therefore, the management of loading and unloading operations is greatly simplified, allowing the automatic generation of the stock movement through handheld devices for reading the bar code.

Thanks to the interfacing of  these devices with a management software on web platform, you the users’furniture requests can be managed and monitored.


Developed upon request of Telecom Italia SpA, it allows the geolocation of shuttles for employees and the notification, via an APP for smartphones of the estimated arrival time at the requested stop.

A simple geolocation system installed on the tablet supplied to the shuttles allows sending  the  estimated arrival time to the stop and to a software on web platform that collects the data and sends them to the application for smartphones.

This system allows knowing in real time the arrival time of the shuttle, so that the employees can have an optimal management of their time.

The APP is not only accessible via smartphones but also via the totem computers located in the offices of Telecom offices.