Our team is made up of professionals and experts able to create customized solutions according to the safest and most innovative technologies, and to apply them to the different client’s needs.

We provide situation managementsolutions with customizable software and hardware. The modularity of our applications allows us to understand the specific needs of the customer and to create suitable solutions.

This flexibility leads us to develop standard projects and advanced control systems.

We develop software on the major platforms available on the market so to integrate them in a modular way to the existing control systems in compliance with very high quality standards, such as ISO 9001 and 27001.


Intellitronika has always been close to law enforcement agencies and private security companies. This constant exchange of know-how led us to create advanced solutions for controlling the territory and the men in the field. We put the operators ‘safety and the exchange of information at the core of our projects, performing the operations of territory control at a technological level in line with the challenges of the modern world.

Therefore, starting from the experience of public order services, we have developed some specific solutions for the safety of the worker/citizen.



Our consulting, design and development services enable our customers to realize complex projects that can be integrated with existing solutions.

We are not only a reliable partner, but also keen on the client’s needs, which are at the center of our development projects.

Our team of development and program management is composed of senior staff and of very talented young people, which combine the multi-year experience acquired with primary customers and the genius of the most promising young people.