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O.d.i.n.o is a suite of applications for territory control and for managing men and vehicles on the field, realized in cooperation with Carabinieri, and it represents the excellence as far as operators ‘safety is concerned.

Developed within the Samsung Knox platform (the excellence for safety technologies applied to mobility) this solution can be installed on different size devices and can be used in any operating scenario: on foot, mounted on a motorbike or a car.

O.d.i.n.o allows carrying out all the main activities performed by the operators for the territory control: in only 5 seconds it can access to several databases (both National and International) and can provide an aggregated report of the query.

Another key element of the system is the near-real-time video/audio streaming, which can be activated both by the operator and via the Intellikore Operating Centre, heart of the system, to which O.d.i.n.o is always connected (via 4G/LTE, Wifi, Bluetooth, PS-LTE, Tetra, DMR).

Intellikore is a web based control room application, enabling task commanders to have an “on-scene eye”, to constantly monitor the situation and to receive real-time information from the field: geo-location, constant management of all devices, sending/receiving multimedia contents (photos, videos, audio and video streaming), management of the alarms sent by the patrols, bi-directional instant messaging service chat styled.

O.d.i.n.o and Intellikore control room application represent a unique example in the field of public security and territory control: Intellitronika can boast one of the most advanced systems on the market both from the client and from the server side, able to integrate third-party solutions.


odino O.D.I.N.O.






The devices are located through an embedded GPS.
Cartographic navigation software with routing engine and dynamic update. 3D navigation, user interface, customised POIs. The maps are installed on the device.
Two-way messaging function with the Operations Centre. The text message can be typed on a video keyboard or chosen from a list of pre-loaded messages.
Creation and storage of photos and movies inside the local memory, and near real time video streaming. This application can be integrated to any external camera. The video/audio streaming can also be activated from the Operations Centre and by automatic triggers.
O.d.i.n.o can ensure high level data security and transmission via the Samsung Knox Suite (certified by NIST and DISA) and by the Intellitronika proprietary M.D.M. solution.
Feature for transferring multimedia contents (photos and videos) from the device to the Operations Centre, with acknowledgement of receipt. In case of missing reception and/or connection, the system will submit the data again until the operation is successful.
Real-time alarm to the Operations Centre. Automatic activation of the integrated microphone and webcam; the Operations Centre receives the video and audio from the device.
Management of the multimedia contents stored inside the device with the possibility of sending the geo-referenced photos or videos completed with support information to the Operations Centre by only clicking on “send”.
Module for managing infringements, which allows printing the record and sending photos for fines intimation.
The database is accessible with just one login. The connection with several databases is possible by managing the other credentials in a single solution via the Ermes Gateway.
Monitoring and management of mobile devices thanks to a function that allows localising the team devices, exchanging information (photos, videos, messages, warnings), and remote activation of all the team cameras.
Application allowing the automatic detection of number plates and the real-time access to databases in order to check any irregularity.
Application allowing to send geo-localized and classified information about specific illicit activities through the interaction among operators and citizens in order to generate a (server based) map of geo-referenced events.
All updates are performed in OTA (Over The Air) mode. If a software update is available, the related light on the device will switch on and the operator can perform the update by following a simple wizard.
Module allowing the operator to display the video feeds coming both from fixed cameras in a certain area and from other operators ‘devices
Function allowing the operator to send information and multimedia about a specific events (accidents, crimes, etc.)
The module allows the automatic dispatching of the daily operator’s activities and send them to the operator device, including any real time operational emergency. The operator carries out his routine activities and these are loaded inside the form and sent to the Operations Center via the network. Information are categorized by type, geolocation, and time so that the module can be uploaded within the integrated reporting system and digitally signed.

The O.d.i.n.o platform is integrated with accessories and devices to extend its functions and activities.



The Body Worn Camera is the most appreciated accessory by operators. It embeds the most advanced video/audio technologies, and various functions such as the infrared night view and the connection to O.d.i.n.o, which allows the live streaming of videos/audios, their transfer to the Operations Centre together with the simultaneous high-resolution recording of the video in it.
The Bodycam allows changing the battery “on the go”, as with a common portable duty radio.


Mohoc Helmet Cam

Mohoc camera is completely integrable with O.d.i.n.o.
Mohoc camera is the lowest and most aerodynamic helmet cam available on the market, enabling the operator to move smoothly without the risk of being entangled or without being a bar during operational interventions. Furthermore, it can be easily used wearing combat gloves and it is also available in IR version. Made of aluminium and rubber, strong, durable and waterproof, resistant to shocks and drops up to 2 meters without losing even a photo.



O.d.i.n.o platform has been developed and customized on the new Multimode Radio PDC760/PTC760 by Hytera, O.d.i.n.o is the first smart policing solution in the world on the embedded device TETRA-LTE.


I-VEGA Smart Holster

Smart holster, designed both for professional and private use, able to detect the position, movements and presence of the gun inside the holster; furthermore, it can be adapted to any polymer holster and connected to O.d.i.n.o in order to easily and rapidly widen its functions. When the gun is pulled out, a geo located alarm will be sent, and the audio/video streaming live will be automatically triggered.


SMART Button

The smart button is the tactical Bluetooth button to easily trigger various pre-set commands by a single-click, double-click or prolonged pressure. It can be set to trigger an alarm in case of emergency or danger, to send the position or to start the video/audio streaming live from the body cam, and send any addictional preset command.



The system, realized in cooperation with Fabbrica d’Armi Pietro Beretta, is designed for the new “Beretta PX4 Storm” gun. Its sensors constantly detect the weapon status and send information to the Operations Centre. When the weapon is pulled out, an alarm will be sent to the Operations Centre, together with the geographic coordinates and will automatically trigger the near real time video streaming.



The latest wearable technology, consisting in a t-shirt with sensors, made in cooperation with the company La Griffe, and able to send in real time some information about the operator who is wearing it, such as vital parameters, posture and geo-location.



Mobile solution for “reliable” identification, by performing various operations: barcode reader, smart card, RFID, NFC, MIFARE, magnetic bars reader, MRZ for passports identification, signature capture, AFIS certified fingerprint reader.



Portable handheld device to be used with O.d.i.n.o. Thanks to its integrated sensors, it can verify any document and banknote by performing a multispectral analysis (IR, UV, Grazing Light, White), in order to verify the presence of security items inside the document paper. It can also read the Icao MRZ code and electronic documents chips.
It is furthermore provided with a certified AFIS digital fingerprint sensor.


O.d.i.n.o and I-Protect

O.d.i.n.o and G-Code