“Mercurio Metropolitan Police” includes the operational features typical of local and municipal police activities.

The mobile video surveillance service is expanded by installing up to four managed cameras on the car, the accesses to the databases are integrated with the ANCITEL and ANIA databases, also allowing the local police an online check of documents.

The local Police of Marino (RM) and Olbia (SS) use “MMP – Mercury Metropolitan Police” with continuity and satisfaction, providing citizens with quality service and raising the safety of the personnel on the territory.

The easy to use and powerful solution guarantees to the Local Police the same functions and the correct flexibility of national systems.

The system hardware consists of a series of devices (smartphone, tablet, portable printer) on an Android platform with specific resistance to water and dust (IP67 standard).

These features make it extremely resistant to weathering and accidental falls, making it always suitable to the most extreme operating conditions.

SWW provides all features that can meet the operational needs of local police,

The system sends the cartographic coordinates to the Intellikore Operations Center. This system allows the operators to know in real time the position of the police on the field, providing faster and more effective interventions in emergency situations.
The video surveillance module allows sending a video in near real time (streaming) to the operating centre and, in the event of lack of connectivity, to store photos and videos directly on the computer.

The system allows the operator to choose both the cameras integrated into the tablet as well as the camera on board the car.

The media geo-located and stored contents can be sent to the control panel at any time and from various connection systems.

Stable and tested module, which allows the automatic detection number plates via an external camera. The number plate is read in real time and compared with the available database. In the case of a reported plate, the operator will receive the relevant data on his tablet, automatically and in less than 10 seconds.
Real-time access to all databases, whether national, local, interoperable, or private. The available databases are accessible in direct and secure mobility on the field. The search is contemporarily performed in all the available databases, and an aggregate of instant information is received on the device, which can be customised according to the different requirements of the operator. In case of reported people, the system has a special display that warns the operator of a potential hazard. The results also report, in addition to the operator’s data, the mapping coordinates of the site for future use. The system “Mercurio” is currently configured for Italy and for accessing the SDI, MCTC, ANIA databases, allowing to check number plates, frames, people and registered weapons.
Module required for the specific needs of the Local Police. Drafting of reports for infringements to the highway code, or for audits carried on in shops, yards, etc., and printing out of the corresponding notice or report from a printer connected to the device. The module can be interfaced with the management systems already in use at the Centres for the final report to be sent to the infringer.
By pressing just one button, an alarm can be sent to the central department. This procedure automatically starts the video and audio streaming, allowing the operator to have a clear view of the current situation. The geo-location service completes the useful information for managing the alarm.

Bi-directional safe and encrypted messaging between the policemen and the control panel. This service was built on an innovative chat-style platform. You can write messages via the virtual keyboard on your tablet or choose from a pre-configured list.

The connection to a portable printer allows printing reports of highway infringements, and sending them to the central police station at the same time. This system is fully integrated with IntelliKore Operations Central Solution. Some key features include: constant geo-location, reception of multimedia content sent from the territory (photo, video, video streaming, audio streaming, place-mark reading), handling of the alarm signals sent by the patrols and bi-directional messaging service in chat style. Like all Intellitronika’solutions, MMP has can integrate with the existing Operations Centres even without the additional functions provided by IntelliKore.

The association to a portable printer, allows printing on the move of the minutes relating to infringements of C.d.S. and the simultaneous transmission of the same centrally.

The MMP system is fully integrated with the IntelliKore Operation Center solution.

Among the main functions, the constant geolocation, the reception of multimedia content sent from the field (photos, video, video streaming, audio streaming, license plate reading) the management of alarm signals sent by the patrols and bi-directional messaging service style chat.

Like all Intellitronika solutions, MMP has the unique feature of being able to also integrate with existing Operations Centres at the customer, even without the availability of the additional features provided by IntelliKore.