The system, developed in collaboration with Fabbrica d’Armi Pietro Beretta, has been designed for the new gun “Beretta PX4 Storm”.

Thanks to the devices installed in the weapon and to some sensors integrated in clothing, it can monitor the status of the weapon and the vital functions of the operator in real-time.

An alarm is automatically generated when an irregular condition involving the operator arises.

In case of emergency, the Control Room displays all information related to the operators provided with this  system, their position (even if they are inside a building) their vital parameters and their posture.

Furthermore, it is possible to automatically activate a live multimedia stream to the Control Room so that the situation is faster and easier to understand.

This information is transferred to the Control Room  that will provide immediate assistance and support in case of emergency.

The I-Protect system is also equipped with other tools.

  • The “Real-time Emergency Management” function ranks all the alarms received by the Control Room based on their priorities in order to manage the emergencies in a more efficient way, thus creating a valuable decision support system. In case of danger, all the operators on the field can manually activate the video/audio streaming from the device, which will be received in near real time by the control room and simultaneously shared with all the other operators. In the same way the control room can activate the live video/audio streaming in remote mode.
  • The “Video Surveillance” function enables the audio/video streaming of CCTV cameras located throughout the area to all active devices in that area.
  • The “Real Time access to database” function allows the operator to perform the routine checks efficiently. The devices provided allow consulting both national and international databases in real time, performing searches on the criminal records, on the state of vehicles and on the related documents, and every other type of search for legal purposes, as well as updating the existing databases with new information, without burdening the activity of the control room with low priority requests. The system also allows the correlation of people and vehicles and the control of the territory in mobility by minimizing the waiting time for the citizens.
  • The advanced messaging system can manually or automatically exchange information between two operators, among all the operators in a given area, or to all contacts, including the control room.
  • The “Advanced Navigation System” allows the optimized management of routes, with the automatic insertion of targets directly from the Control Room.
  • The “SECURITY MAPPING” function allows the operators to send multimedia geo-localised feedbacks and to draw a risk map. This data is available at any time in the Control Room thus increasing the territory control and the management of all resources in place.