EVA Primo Classificato




The software is modularly designed to be adapted to all operational requirements of the final customer.

Thanks to the voice speaker independent platform iVoice developed by Intellitronika, the software can receive voice commands without any previous training for the speaker recognition.

A video surveillance software module allows interacting with the camera built in the E.E.S. device, on the car roof.

It allows taking pictures, recording videos and sending live video to the Control Room; all multimedia contents are stored in the device and, if necessary, saved to an external media. Thanks to high-speed Internet, some  connections are established with the databases already available at end customer’s premises (ANIA, MCTC, ANCITEL, etc.), by making queries in the car that are usually made in an office.

The responses are immediately available to the operator in the car without making any request to an operator in the Control Room.

The software includes a satellite navigation system with POI customizable lists which can be realised according to the customer’s needs.

The E.E.S. device can be controlled by a software through flashing lights, sirens, halogen headlights, light messages.

The latter can be written through a video digital keyboard or directly chosen from a list prepared durinf the realization stage.

In case of need, a n alarm will be sent to the Control Room, allowing the operator the remote control of the EES and of its cameras.

The Control Room will be able to view and record the live video of the danger signaled by the patrol , to move the camera and to zoom in the points concerned.

All functions can be activated via the touch screen of the computer or the voice commands provided by the system.

This mode allows interacting with the hands-free software by remaining focused on the ongoing activities .

The voice mode can also be used outside the car via a wireless anti interception headset, by getting the responses to the database queries directly in the headset.

Presentazione EVA

EVA Lotus Carabinieri @ RAI1

EVA Lotus Carabinieri @ SKYTG24