Fleet Management System

In 2018 we created a system for TIM to manage the company’s fleet.

The system can manage all stages of the fleet acquisition and disposal, notify to the suppliers the request for new vehicles, manage all fines to corporate cars and also the allocation of fuel cards and requests related to the corporate vehicles, such as authorization for accessing to traffic restricted areas, or request for maintenance interventions.



In 2013 we developed on behalf of the former Telecom Italia S.p.A (now TIM) a geolocation system of the shuttles for the employees, equipped with a tablet connected to an app for smartphones and to the totems installed in the offices.

These tablets communicated the estimated arrival time at the shuttle stop, thus guaranteeing to the employees the best management of their time.



In 2012, upon request of the former Telecom Italia (today TIM), we developed an application to allow the efficient management of furnishing accessories throughout the country.

All the inventory, loads, unload operations and requests can be carried out by using handhelds and Bluetooth barcode printers.

They are managed by a software on a web platform.