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Arma dei Carabinieri

Over the years, the General Command of the Carabinieri has believed in us.

With passion and commitment, it has become one of our biggest and most important customers.
We have developed tailor-made solutions for them, characterized by operational safety and portability.


Arma dei Carabinieri website


In 2015 we designed and implemented the current website of Carabinieri.

Upon their request we have implemented various functions that allow the citizen to find the closer Carabinieri station, to take part to tenders via the website, to query databases for stolen and lost objects, to book appointments for submitting charges and much more. The site was created together with CMS Sitefinity and extended by us to meet the numerous requests and to manage more than 10,000 pages constituting the website.

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Historical Museum of Carabinieri


In 2015 we developed, on behalf of the Historical Museum of Carabinieri, a website which allows performing a virtual tour and an application for using the iPods inside the museum as multi-language audio guides (Italian, English, French and Spanish).

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Operational Device for Information, Networking and Observation

In 2013 we created, in collaboration with Carabinieri, the platform O.D.I.N.O (Operational Device for Information, Networking and Observation).

O.D.I.N.O is a suite of applications for land control and management of men and vehicles in the field.

It was inspired to our solution CODe, which can meet all the operational needs of the Carabinieri, thus creating a unique product that is today on board of almost all the Carabinieri’s cars.



Original Technology for Tablet Opportunities

In 2013 we designed a system for the walking service, called OTTO (Original Technology for Tablet Opportunities).

It consists of a dedicated PDA, the first in the world to meet the MIL standard, which allows the operators to directly query the databases, use a satellite navigator, take and send photos and videos to the operations center as well as exchange communications and alarms, ensuring the highest safety.

Beyond that, it was the first solution with the function man on the ground and advanced connection.



Enhanced Vehicle Automation

In 2010 we created EVA (Enhanced Vehicle Automation) for the Carabinieri, an integrated system for vehicle management and for data exchange with the operations center.

EVA allows the operator to manage blinkers, infrared cameras, halogen lights, emergency lights and a display with changeable messages.

It is also possible to take photos, record videos and send live streaming to the operations center as well as to check vehicles and people directly in the field.