C.O.De. is the first modular solution designed for both local and national police, which allows real-time connection and management of men and vehicles on the territory by using today’s common technologies and advanced sensors.

It can be installed on devices of different sizes and can be used in any operating condition: on foot, on a motorcycle or on a car.

The core of the system is the open operational platform that allows replicating all the activities performed by the operator both in the Operations Centre and on the move, by constantly monitoring and exchanging information coming from the territory and added value data in real time (i.e. multimedia files and information from databases).

C.O.De. allows the operators to be always connected to the operations center. The geo-localized and monitored devices can exchange communications, messages and multimedia files with the operations centre, can carry out verifications on people and vehicles and can communicate with each other, thus ensuring unprecedented territorial control.

C.O.De. is particularly suitable for land control operations. Thanks to its multiple and customizable functions, it can be also used in connection with body-cams and cameras mounted on vehicles, by sending media streams in real time and therefore increasing the amount and quality of the information sent to the operations centre. In its various forms, thanks to its modularity, C.O.De. can be used not only by the police but by all public or private organizations whose presence on the territory is widespread and which require an efficient monitoring and communication system.

The addition of external accessories allows it to interface with the armament systems, such as the innovative clothing that detects the operator’s vital parameters and the devices used for document verification and for number plates automatic reading.

C.O.De. operational platform can be integrated with Accessories and Devices so to extend its capabilities