We work in the “situation management” sector, designing and implementing solutions for emergency professionals.

We are an ICT company strongly focused on solutions for the community, with the skills of a software house creating complex IoT solutions.

Intellitronika was founded in 2010 and immediately achieved significant results in data management on the move, geolocation of men and vehicles, territory control, therefore reaching very high specialization levels over the years.

We strongly believe in the Internet of Things (IoT), without underestimating the human capital. Technology would be nothing without human contribution but a collection of circuits, components and obsolete codes, while the man, thanks to technology, can extend his skills and be at the center of the technological process, exploiting his potentials in every area of the daily life.

We therefore design systems to support people and increase the safety of the territory, workers and citizens.

We are part of the ITK Group, that has been operating in the defence and security sector for over 30 years, developing solutions for the main administration bodies. The ITK Group and Intellitronika can boast a global network of partners, collaborators and customers that is our point of strength today and that gives us stability and a future vision that few companies can have.


Our mission is to provide advice
and to realize the most advanced integrated solutions
for the management of infrastructures
and IT contents.


Intellitronika plans a future when the Internet of things is rationally connected to the man’s potential;
where technology is not considered as a way to replace men
but as a tool to increase his skills
and we do this every day through our software,
by designing innovative products and working with our partners
and customers to bring the future every day closer.