AUTOMATIC TV is a revolutionary system for the production of HD multi-camera images for live sports without any human intervention

Automatic Tv  represents a new frontier in media technology. You can catch sports event images by reducing costs and by enabling new business opportunities. It can also be a great support for companies, clubs, schools, universities, major brands etc …

Four main functions:

  • ATV Producer – It is the main function, i.e. the automatic system that creates the production, records the videos and broadcasts them on the network, manages shots and automatically switches the cameras according to the rules of each sport. It also has pre-set configurations for multisport systems and allows  switching to the manual mode.
  • ATV Manager – Cloud management module: it monitors and controls, through customizable alarms, the state of the art of the system by managing the available spaces, updates, and licenses.
  • ATV Planner – Control center for the remote management of the system, for starting or stopping the video production, for managing the productions via smartphones or tablets, and for managing the user roles by customizing the accesses and the usage authorisations
  • ATV Editor – Creation of the event with timing, creation of manuals, management of clips and playlists. Customized Production: Postproduction of the video event according to the user’s requests, Multi Video Editor, it provides a simple video synchronization of the external areas, real-time management of multi-streaming coming from the cameras of the system.