Arma dei Carabinieri


It is an automotive solution provided with an acoustic – light device on the roof of police cars and a computer installed inside the car.

This acoustic – light device is called E.E.S. – EVA Emergency System and integrates, in addition to the normal warning lights, a camera with infrared light , halogen headlights, emergency high visibility lights for fog and a bright display with various messages.

The E.V.A. heart beats inside a computer placed in the dashboard and, where possible, built into the dashboard inside the double-din slot of the car.



Designed for the walk service, the system O.T.T.O. is composed by an operating handheld device of just a few grams inside an anti collision case.

The main functions of the software are  essential during the territory protection operations, it is possible to enter queries into the databases without calling the operator of the Control Room, use a navigation system, take and send photos and videos to the Control Room through a built-in video camera, use the instant messaging service, send alarm messages to the Control Room both in manual or automatic mode.

The latter case provides, in case of aggression to the operator and therefore fall of the device, for the automatic sending of a “man-down alarm” and for the activation of a voice channel for listening to the operator of the Control Room.

Historical Museum of the Carabinieri
Web site and application for iPod

For the Historical Museum of Carabinieri, we have created a series of audio guides in Italian, English, French and Spanish, which show the relics and the story of Carabinieri.

The project includes a virtual tour available on the official website of Carabinieri and a series of audio guides installed on the iPods provided at the museum located in Rome’s Prati district,  Piazza del Risorgimento, 46.

All texts  are accompanied by pictures and audios that provides the visitor, whether physical or virtual, with detailed information about the story of Carabinieri over the centuries.


The Carabinieri website is useful to the citizen who wants to be informed about News, Press Releases, Tenders, Appointments.

The website offers several services such as: location, geo-location tool for finding out the closest Carabinieri stations .

The Tender section, allows a quick search of the tenders of Carabinieri, divided by type.

An online registration also allows subscribing to the desired tender as soon as it is available online and to train with a simulation tool.

The website also allows accessing to various databases, some of which are external while some others, such as for stolen or lost properties, are directly managed from the portal.

A service for booking complaints is available online to allow the citizen to provide all information related to a complaint before going to the nearest station, and to book an appointment, thus avoiding unnecessary waiting.

A video section lists numerous press releases and video news, in addition to the direct streaming of major events.

The wide collection of documents uploaded on the website, more than 10,000 pages, is totally managed by the web editorial staff of Carabinieri by the Sitefinity CMS tool developed by Progress and extended and configured by Intellitronika in order to meet the customer’s needs.